Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase 4

The Phase 4 story is probably the most celebrated story in GT-HO folklore. The new XA GT model had been released in 1972 and a GT-HO Phase 4 model was needed to take over from the XY GT-HO Phase 3 on the race track. Four XAs were built before production was stopped due to a "super car scare": one made it through the production line, and is the only one with an HO compliance plate (it's Calypso Green), and three prototypes were built for Bathurst (they're all Brambles Red).

The Phase 4 was never officially released by Ford Australia. Three of those four still exist today: two are in the video link below (two of the three racers), and a picture of the producution model surfaced on the internet in December 2008 (the link is below the video link).

  • Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase 4
  • Videos of two of those three
  • The Calypso Green Phase 4
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  • The Car That Never Was
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  • Phase 1 through to Phase 4
    All four togther in a line

    In March 2007 a Phase 3 (there were 300 built) was sold for $683,500 and a few months later in June, a Phase 3 sold for $750,000. What's a Phase 4 worth .. a million or two, or thereabouts? In September 2007 there was an unconfirmed rumour, doing the rounds in Sydney, that the owner of one of those three remaining Phase 4s rejected an offer of $2.5m. If you had one, would you sell it?

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  • Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase 3 (green)

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